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The choice of roofing material is the first step to constructing a sound roof.

We use high quality and recyclable materials personally tested by us to protect the environment and your investment instead of poor quality materials that need constant and expensive maintenance and need to be replaced in a much shorter time.  

Serpentine schist is a metamorphic rock with unique properties. It is classified both as a natural stone and marble. It has unrivalled physical and mechanical properties, such as outstanding hardness, low water absorption and high resistance combined with exceptional beauty which ensures it stands out from the crowd. Serpentine schist roofing tiles have been used on aristocratic residences and churches since the Middle Ages. Hand finishing during installation ensures every roof is unique and of superior quality, thereby adding value and prestige to the building. We extract and work serpentine schist directly from our quarries in the heart of the Italian Alps. Artisanal production and installation guarantee a 100% Italian-made, quality product with a 100-year warranty that is 100% recyclable.
Guy on a hot tile roof
Clay tiles​
Clay tiles are produced by mixing clay, sand, iron oxide, calcium carbonate and water.
Clay tiles have different names depending on their shape:
- Coppi (curved)
- Portuguese tiles (flat and curved)
- Marseilles (flat and double interlocking)
- Plain tiles (slightly curved but mainly flat)
Clay tiles have excellent acoustic and insulation properties, are waterproof, resistant to corrosion and recyclable.
We are the official agents for Tognana (since 1820), one of the oldest European clay tile manufacturing companies in Italy. These tiles are certified and guaranteed.
Slate is a fine-grained foliated metamorphic rock derived from a shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism.
Slate is usually grey/green or black.  90% of Europe's natural slate used for roofing comes from Spain. The remaining 10% are divided between the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy, and Germany.
The slate tiles are entirely handmade, which guarantees the quality of every piece.
We directly import slate tiles from our partner CUPA who own several  quarries located in Spain that produce quality  black  and grey slates with a 50-year warranty.
Made in Italy copper gutters 

Copper is the building material for aesthetic, ambitious and long-term cost-effective building solutions.

The advantages of copper in the installation process and the fact that it can be completely recycled make it an outstanding choice of material for roofing.

Use of reused materials prevents waste and protects natural resources. It provides cost-effective solutions. In view of its exceptional durability and the fact that it is virtually maintenance free, copper is the right choice for the entire lifecycle of the product.


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